This post is focused on how to become effective network marketing leader. Therefore if you have been struggling in your MLM business, it maybe because you lacked leadership qualities. The truth is only effective leaders make it real big in network marketing. Are you surprised?

“Only leaders make it big in network marketing industry.” That was the shocking revelation I received from one of my mentors, Adewale Adebusoye.

It is a simple truth, yet very profound.

That revelation got me thinking and as a result I went in search for the meaning and the qualities that entitles an individual to become a leader in network marketing industry.

Now you have heard. Do you then desire to become a network marketing leader? You certainly have come to the right place at the right time.

So are you ready? Then, let’s begin from the beginning.


I am sure you will like to know who a leader is. According to an article on mind tools, “leadership or a leader means different things to different people around the world and in different situations. For example, you have community leadership, religious leadership, political leadership, etc.”

But let us bring this leadership question to our industry, network marketing. No doubt, you will agree with me that many gurus would have had a lot to say about leadership.

However, there is one definition that I found not only interesting but very illuminating. Listen to Ray Higdon in 21 steps to becoming an MLM leader:

In my opinion, here is a definition of an MLM leader. They are someone who creates leaders, not followers. They are someone who strives to get their teammates up on the stage. They are someone willing to give credit to others if it helps them in accomplishing their goals of getting teammates transformed into leaders.

Three things are significant in this definition:

* leaders create leaders, not followers

* leaders strive to get their teammate up on the stage

* leaders give credit to those who offer them assistance in their efforts to get their teammates transformed into leaders.

Yes… I know you must be itching to know those qualities that transforms an ordinary individual like you and I into an effective leader.



This is an outstanding quality of an effective MLM leader. An effective MLM leader must have an unquenchable desire for the acquisition of knowledge.

Therefore, you must schedule time to learn everyday. This is what top leaders in the industry do. You must increase your knowledge base. You must become a “sponge.”

Therefore, you must know what you ought to know. You must also have the ability to answer prospects questions. There is no gainsaying that this ability makes you an expert and a go to person for solution.

This also enables you to posture yourself as the person who makes decisions, rather than hoping that prospects will join you in your business. It gives you the confidence to determine if prospect is qualified to join you first.


The second quality that makes you an effective MLM leader is directly related to the first.

You must be ready to work on yourself. How do you achieve that? Good question.

You must be around people who are where you want to be. I know what your next question will be. How do you achieve that?

You should be ready and willing to attend relevant workshops, events and webinars.

You should seek and be with those who have success records. According to Ray Higdon, connect with those who have MLM leadership qualities you desire. Accordingly, learn from them.


One lesson I learned in the course of my entrepreneurial journey is L.I.S.T. What this means is: learn, implement, share, and teach. So this is where you begin to offer your services to everyone who needs it.


This is another area that distinguishes leaders from amateurs. Effective MLM leader take the time to mentor or train his recruits effectively. I am sure you know why?

Because if your recruits are successful you stand to make more money. The effective MLM leaders also understands that he is building a team. And the good news is when your team members become competent enough they will go on their own.

All of these require time and commitment.

You can accomplish all these by teaching and coaching or mentoring for free. Money should not be the main focus, but rather the objective is to improve individual and team performance.

And as we observed from Ray Higdon’s definition of an effective MLM leader, leadership includes looking for leadership potential in others. And by developing leadership skills within your team, you create an environment where you can create success in the long run.


Another essential quality of an effective network marketing leader is being organized and having self discipline.

As a result, you must have a daily method or routine which must be followed consistently.

You must also replace unproductive habits with productive habits.

You must value your time and that of your downlines

You must set definite goal of having a definite number of distributors monthly.

You must have efficient procedures, better systems, better marketing system.

Your watchword must be discipline. This is because no discipline no success. Discipline can be said to be the mother of success. And all effective MLM leaders are self-disciplined.


This is another aspect of qualities that will make you to become an effective MLM leader.

This does not mean being a lone-ranger. Rather, what it means is that you must be 100% responsible for your business success and 100% functional. It simply means that you are in total control. Why?

Because you don’t depend on people to determine the success of your business. This is because you believe in yourself; that you have all it takes to become successful. Accordingly, you must be creative and be self-reliant.


The network marketer aspiring for effective leadership position must have a relaxed and calm mental attitude. It is often said that ‘your attitude determines your altitude.’ This is very true, especially in this industry where there is so much apathy.

If you have this mental disposition, you will do your business with more ease. And what is more, you have a sense of self control and mastery of both your business and whatever situation you find yourself. The result is that you gain respect from your teammates and become influential in the industry.


If you want to become an effective MLM leader one other crucial quality you must develop is the ability to remain true to yourself. If you do, you must not compromise your personal integrity whatever happens.

You will also need to work and develop your leadership skills. This doesn’t mean changing yourself.


This makes you develop any skill that will assist you to get to where you want to be. The truth is if you’re willing to succeed you will succeed.


To become effective MLM leader, you need to create a simple step by step training page for your team to get started when they join your MLM business.

This simple process saves you and your downlines precious time. They can get started immediately knowing the basics before rushing off into recruiting their teammates. Most top leaders have this simple system in place

In network marketing, the leader understands the vision of MLM and thus inspires his team or organization to share in the vision and accomplish the vision.

The leader also understands the Expectancy Theory which states:

* The expectation that hard work leads to good results

* The expectation that good results leads to attractive rewards or

My final thought: What this means in effect is that success in MLM is dependent primarily on developing these critical qualities of leadership.

And if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and eventually become more… Obviously then, you’re a leader and on your way to making it real big in network marketing business.

So, there you have it. I hope you got value from this post. If you do, please share with your team and on social media. Remember, love is sharing.

In network marketing, there are some myths that might be hampering your business. It is important that you know them because in network marketing business your success to a very large extent is dependent on your leadership skills.

In this blog post, I want to share 3 of such leadership myths with you. They are part of the lessons one of my mentors, Adewale Adebusoye, taught me about leadership.

I will share them with you and tell you my take on each of them.

1. Destination Myth.

Most people feel that they need to be in a particular destination or position before they can lead.

This view is totally wrong. Why? you ask. Because the truth is you can lead from any point and everywhere you are in life. Similarly, you don’t need to wait until you attain any position or reach any destination in your MLM company to become a leader.

2. Influence Myth.

The second one is the influence myth. Some people feel they need to be given a position or hit a particular rank in their MLM company before they can become leaders.

This is also absolutely untrue. Leadership is a question of making conscious effort and deciding to become a leader. And if you do, others will follow. No one can bestow leadership position on you. If you desperately require a leadership position you reach out and grab it. It is as simple as that.


The third and final myth is also called “I don’t have the potential inside me to be a leader.”

Nothing can be farther from the truth. The truth is you have all it takes to become a leader. Why? Because you came packaged from birth with all the necessary ingredients and potentials for leadership position.

And also according to Brian Tracy:

* leaders are made, not born

* leaders are self-made

* leaders are role model.

These are merely myths and totally untrue. The fact is many of us don’t have the right perception of what true leadership is.

Accordingly, the truth is you can lead with your activities, starting where you are in your MLM business.

Let us discuss the 3 ways you can lead.

1. Leading Up.

(a) You lead yourself well

(b) Lighten your leader/upline’s load

(c) Don’t be the team mate who is always complaining and making your
uplines life difficult

2. Leading Across.

(a) Be a friend always. Make it your goal to complementing fellow
MLM leaders above competing with them.

Why is this suggested and encouraged? Because there is a lot of competition against leaders in the industry, particularly so in the same company.

Add value to each other, and share information and avoid competition. You should avoid office politics.

3. Leading Below.

You should see everyone as partner. Don’t see your team mates or downlines as below you. Rather, see them as equals.

And finally, always try to spend time with your mates. And always find out how they are doing and how you can help.

And this is my final thoughts.

The dictionary defines myth as a thing or person that is imaginary or not true.

These three leadership myths we have discussed are therefore the figment of your imagination. And they are totally untrue and unfounded. They have no basis in reality.

What about you? Are you affected by these leadership myths?

Now that you know that such stories are not true, go and become a leader. The world is waiting eagerly for you.

So, there you have it. I hope you got value from this blog post. If you did, please share with your team and your social media. There is absolute love in sharing.

I am absolutely sure you are itching to know why I love this business model called network marketing. In this blog post, I am going to share with you 5 solid reasons. Are you ready? Then, let’s begin.

1. Equal Playing Field.

Starting a business has never been easier. Network marketing business model offers every smart persons an equal playing field. It is a leveler. Why?

Because with a little capital, you can start a business of your own. In some companies, with as little as $200 or N62,000 you can set up a home-based business, which can be scaled up to become a thriving and lucrative business.

Now can you beat that? And to imagine that:

*no inventory

*no staff emoluments

*no product research

*no warehouse/office space

*no accounts payable

*no account receivable

In terms of cost, your total start-up cost in network marketing is simply a steal. Imagine the cost of setting up a mortar and brick business.

AGE: This is another equal playing field for all. Age is certainly no barrier. You can begin this business at any time regardless of your age. What is important here is your passion and determination. In the corporate world, you can be screened off some jobs

Neither is your sex a barrier. Nor your educational background. You don’t a degree. For example, many smart undergraduates have been introduced into network marketing business. With little money mobilized from either friends or relatives, they have become very successful network marketing leaders.

Are you a retiree?

Ordinarily, for most people, retirement begins the process of a life of lethargy and decay. But your case could be different. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? If you answered yes, then, this business is for you. Why?

Because rather than sitting down and wasting the enormous time now available to you, it would be most advisable to channel your resources into network marketing business. Most likely during your working years you had wished you had a business of your own, now is the time to start it. It is never too late.

2. You Can Break Free Financially.

I want to tell you the truth, network marketing business is not a get rich quick scheme, but it levels the playing field and offers everyone the enormous potential of breaking free financially. And guess what?

It is true that the economy is bad. And there is one fact I have come to appreciate. The economy has always been bad, but the reality also is smart people have always found a way of making more money for themselves. What is the lesson for you?

Rather than bemoaning the economy or the government, see this as an excellent opportunity to make you independent, liberate you from the shackles of trading your precious hours for money and become financially free.

Experience has shown that many individuals who had toiled and worked for many years without any financial breakthrough until they finally discovered network marketing business. Not only financial success but also emotional success.

You can never imagine the value and worth of personal development involved in network marketing business. You will be exposed to learn various skill sets.

Personally, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could blog. Although, I don’t pretend to be a guru, but I am learning so much. Things the tertiary institution didn’t teach me network marketing is doing so. It’s amazing.

3. There Is No Limit To What You Can Earn and Achieve.

The third reason why I love network marketing business is there is no limit to what you can earn as income and what you can achieve. In sharp contrast, in the corporate world, you cannot earn or make more money than your boss. There is always a limit to what you can earn or achieve.

But what is the situation in network marketing? You guessed right! No one can ever limit what you can achieve or earn! Your potential for success is limitless, or limited by your imaginations and efforts.

What this means in real terms is you are in the “driver’s seat” or in full control. You’re entirely the architect of your fortune or misfortune.

What you put in is what you get. And I believe this serves as a big motivating factor. Network marketing doesn’t require those who are lazy. And this is the compelling reason you should push and stretch yourself to your full potentials. You are working for YOU incorporated.

4. You Meet And Surround Yourself With Interesting People.

The fourth reason why I love network marketing business is because it is a relationship business and you are your own boss, you make deliberate and conscious efforts to sponsor only interesting and positive people into your business. Why?

Because you are only interested in people who share similar traits and interests with you. And this is in sharp contrast to the corporate world where you are saddled with strange bedfellows. Why do I say so?

Because most of your colleagues are those who are in their comfort zones. They have no intention nor desire to embrace change. They are happy where they are.

Therefore, since they are negative, they don’t impact positively on you. If you do a nine to five job as I do, you can easily relate with this fact. They don’t understand nor appreciate why you should aspire to become your own boss or start a business of your own.

To them, you should be content with your dwindling income, even when it is obvious your salary can no ‘longer take you home.’

5. You Work When You Want To.

The last reason why I love network marketing business, is one of the most beautiful aspect of the business. It offers you absolute freedom to determine your time, when to work and when not to work. Why?

Well…this is because you are the boss, CEO of YOU incorporated, you call the shots. You no longer have to bother yourself with the alarm clock. You can work till midnight and choose to sleep when you desire. And what is more, you can choose to work from anywhere.

On a final note, to achieve all of this requires strong commitment, hard work, doing the right things that will move you towards the accomplishment of your goals.

So there you have it, five solid reasons why I love network marketing business and why I encourage you to embrace it as a sweet and interesting business model.

Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset? Do you desire passionately to become your own boss by starting a side business with minimal investment and free entry requirements?

Well…I am looking to work personally with 5 persons this month. Could you be one of them? Wouldn’t you rather work with me?

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Can network marketing business be done part time? This is a question most persons who are currently struggling with a 8-5 job are always asking and thus itching for answers.

This question arises because of your busy schedule, the commute time to and from your regular day job and the attendant stress.

I offer you a resounding yes. Why? you ask. Let me explain.

Let me tell you straight away that network marketing, like every other human endeavour, requires hard work and great commitment.

Now, imagine what it would mean if you were to combine your regular day job with network marketing as a side business! The truth is it must be really hectic and strenuous.

However, having said that, I hasten to say that it can be done. Are you surprised?

Doing network marketing business part time requires strict time management. This is the first thing you must realize. Therefore, if you must become successful as a part time network marketer, you must learn adequate time management principles.

What this means is it requires extreme effort and self-motivation coupled with self-discipline. I hope you are beginning to get the idea?

You must, therefore, devote definite time to work your business. You must develop a routine and stick to it. No short cut to success.

If you intend to have a blog, which I strongly recommend, you must devote time to generate content. This also include the creation of videos and audios.

You should begin to address the issue of what time you think should be the most appropriate for you to work.

(a) morning before going to your regular job?

(b) evening after office hours?

(c) break time?

These are some of the options available to you. It is entirely up to you. However, whatever option you choose, you must have the self-discipline to stick with it, if you desire so much to make a success of your part time business.

From personal experience, I observed that there are various distractions that rear their ugly heads in various forms. Some of them are:

(a) emails

(b) social media

(c) websites and blogs

(d) books

You will therefore need a ton of dedication and self-discipline to succeed. Just as you devote time to productive activities, you also need to devote time to check your emails, posting on social media, catching up with the trend in the business by visiting and reading other websites and blogs.

And of course, you must continuously update yourself by reading books in your niche, in marketing, business, email marketing, internet marketing and copy-writing and other relevant books.

But you must remember that these activities can constitute great distractions if you are not diligent, committed and exercise self-discipline.

Another important factor is you will need to be well trained and efficient in the running of the business.

These are necessary ingredients for success. Additionally, you must stay focused.

So if you have been itching to start a part time business while holding down your regular job, I dare say that network marketing offers you one of the best platform. Why?

Because to begin with, starting part time affords you the benefit of
mobilizing needed fund to invest in the business. This might be impossible or difficult if you were unemployed.

Secondly, starting part time reduces the risk of losing your investment. Imagine what it would mean if you were to plunge into a business without any experience. Experience has shown that most start ups fail because those who start the business lack experience.

So starting part time is a wise decision. Why? Because it serves as a learning period, where you make mistakes, correct yourself and build your business gradually.

Another advantage of starting part time is when you begin to make money, it automatically serves as an advertisement. This is because there is so much skepticism in this business.

According to one of my mentors, Casmire Okafor, it serves as the greatest advertisement tool for you and enables people to know that working part time does indeed work. How?

This is so when your lifestyle changes as a result of the success of your network marketing business. Because money accruing to you enables you to acquire material possessions that your regular job would never have made possible.

Now, do we have evidence of people who have successfully transitioned from part time to full time? The answer is yes. Listen to what one of my mentors has to say:

“When I used to work as an IT manager, I would wonder can I really start a side business around this busy lifestyle of mine?”

And why was he doubting if he could? Because, according to him, back then he used to do 4 hours daily inside Lagos traffic. Was he able to transition from 8-5 job? You bet he did!

The result? I am happy to inform you that today Adewale Adebusoye is rocking it real good in the network marketing business. Why was he able to do so? Listen to him again:

“Truth is that it’s possible to start a business around your hectic job or lifestyle. What matters is how badly you want to be free.”

And that’s the beauty of the industry. You can keep your regular job and build your home business until you’re ready to fire your boss. But you must determine why you want to start the business in the first place. This serves as the great motivating factor, keeping your zeal burning.

I know you must be itching to ask the next big question. What about you? Happily, that is exactly what I am doing. I am keeping my day job while working my home-based network marketing business part time.

My ultimate desire is to achieve time freedom. I am very confident that financial freedom will be an added advantage. So before I call it quits with my regular job, I want to ensure that my current earnings in my part time job would have exceeded my regular job earnings. And that’s what I will also recommend for you.

So, there you have it. Yes, you can start a network marketing business part time while working your regular day job. It is very possible. Many are doing it and succeeding. Many are on the entrepreneurial journey and are convinced of success. Yes, you too can do it.

I dare you to get up from your comfort zone, wake up and ask that fear to get behind you.

If you have the entrepreneurial mindset and want to start a side business, then get in touch with me. I am looking for 5 persons to personally work with. You could be on your way to an exciting explorations of a life time.

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No Adequate Orientation And Training.

The very first of the 4 deadly mistakes made by network marketing up-lines is not laying a solid foundation for their new distributors in the area of adequate orientation and training.

What do I mean? Good question.

You cannot build a great building on a weak foundation if you are going to have a strong superstructure.

Adequate orientation and training can be likened to the foundation of a building. A strong foundation is a prerequisite for a solid superstructure. This in turn determines the ability of the building to withstand thunderstorms. And in the case of network marketing down-lines, ability to face challenges in the course of the business.

That the failure rate in network marketing business is high is directly related to this deadly mistake made by network marketing up-lines. Why did I say sao? Good question.

Because according to percentage of start-up fail?, it says that Founders that learn are more successful than those who do not.

Now, pause for a moment. Who do you think should teach new distributors? Obviously, you know the answer- up-lines! Well, you know as much as I do that they fail woefully on this score, and a very deadly mistake made by network marketing up-lines.

Also, according to business failure, all businesses whether large or small, internet, or “brick and mortar” have two things in common:

* they are a business and must be operated like a business.
* business people must understand accepted business principles.

And the harsh truth is that most of us came into network marketing without any business background, myself included.

There are various areas the new distributor requires training.

Success happens because people learn about network marketing and how it works. As a new distributor, you must put in the required amount of efforts, investment of time, money and energy.

Another crucial aspect of training involves good communication skills. This means knowing what to say and how to say it. This is another deadly mistake made by network marketing up-lines.

This is responsible for the alarming failure rate in the business. Rather than offering the business opportunity to the right people, new distributors go on the rampage chasing after families and friends, without first determining if they were interested or not.

Even when friends and family members might be interested in the business, because new distributors lack basic communication skills they resort to saying the wrong things. Eventually, when they are rejected, they get frustrated and quit.

Can you begin to see how deadly these mistakes made by network marketing up-lines?

2. Leading With The Business Opportunity.

The next of the 4 deadly mistakes made by network marketing up-lines is a natural and logical consequence of the first one.

And it is only to be expected. Because down-lines lack proper orientation and training, they go about the business with all the wrong ideas.

What wrong ideas? you ask. Good question. And I will explain.

Because down-lines are so excited, they go about from the roof-top, shouting about the business opportunity.

They concentrate and focus their efforts talking about all the wonderful things the product does. For instance, if they are in the wellness industry, they talk about how the product has been awarded O.R.A.C. certificate and other exotic awards.

Another deadly mistake made by network marketing up-lines is that they spend enormous time talking about the founders of the business, their experiences in the business, and top income earners in the company.

These are deadly mistakes. Why? you ask.

Because, first and foremost, you have not built a personal relationship with the prospect. He has not come to know, like and trust you. The greatest mistake is to forget that this is a relationship business.

Mike Dillard compares network marketing business to dating. You don’t propose to a lady on the first date. It wouldn’t work. You have to build a relationship first; it is a process or journey.

The truth is ultimately, no one cares about those unnecessary facts. At the end of your ramblings, the prospect will merely stare at you and his response would be
‘and so what?, why should I care?’

Rather than focusing on the product or services and the company’s founders and top income earners, it would be more reasonable if you tried to find out the experiences and the interests of the prospects!

3. Recruiting Mindset.

This is another aspect of the four deadly mistakes made by network marketing up-lines. Most up-lines have the recruiting mindset as against sponsoring mindset. What does that mean? you ask.

The recruiter up-line is basically interested in signing up as many people as he can as quickly as possible to bring them into the business and hoping that a few serious ones would eventually follow his lead.

This is more like a game of chance!

Unfortunately, this is where up-lines make the greatest mistake. This mindset is that of the sales person. His major interest is recruitment of prospects.

Contrast this mindset with that of the up-line who is interested in sponsoring down-lines and you will begin to appreciate why the high failure rate in network marketing business.

Sponsoring, according to Chuck Holmes, is the act of looking for quality people. People with a burning desire to change their life for the better, who are coachable and committed to building a successful network marketing business.

The up-line who sponsors, therefore, is a teacher. His primary focus is to teach his prospects in order to succeed. And this requires investment of time.

The up-line with the recruiter mindset is not interested in investing time and resources in teaching his prospects. Is it any wonder that the failure rate is high in network marketing business?

4.Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing.

Everyone in network marketing business is saying basically the same thing. Take for, instance, spending more time at home, everyone is saying the same thing over and over again. Same goes for “fire your boss.”

To attract prospects, it would be best if you listen to him, pay attention and talk about their experiences and benefits that people care about. Listening is part of rapport building.

Instead of saying “you can make more money” it would be most appealing to prospects if you say “with this business you can make extra money so that you can feel more secure about your retirement.

And the messages used in prospecting are all too generic. All the messages are used for everyone without differentiation. Whether young, old, retired, working, stay at home mothers, etc.

You must know that each of these prospects have different and distinct needs and wants. There is therefore the need to customize your message for each of your prospects.

So there you have it, four of the deadly mistakes made by up-lines.

* No proper orientation and training.
* Leading with the business opportunity.
* Recruiting mindset
* Everyone is saying the same thing.

Why are we saying all these? To serve as feedback to all in the network marketing industry with a view to making adjustments and corrections. Also to ensure we don’t continue to make the same mistakes.

I do hope you got value from this blog post. If you did, please feel free to share it with your team, friends and your network of social media. Want further information or questions, go to my Facebook Fanpage, or call my cell phone:+234-7012328236/8030946171.

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There are various amazingly easy ways to effective prospecting in network marketing business. The truth is effective prospecting holds the key to network marketing success.

The purpose of this blog post is to reveal these simple yet profound strategies that I discovered in my search for success in my network marketing business. The objective is to teach, educate, share with you in order to equip you with the right strategies for maximum success in your network marketing business.

But, first, let us answer the question: what is prospecting?

The dictionary defines prospecting as the search for mineral deposits,diamond, gold or oil, especially by drilling and excavation.

This means that the process of prospecting or drilling and excavating for these mineral deposits could be very strenuous, but with the deployment of appropriate tools could be made amazingly easier.

In the same vein, we define prospecting in network marketing as the search for potential customers or buyers. Thus we can as well liken prospecting in network marketing to the search for network marketing diamonds.

Similarly, the process of prospecting for network marketing diamonds can also be made amazingly easier if only you deployed appropriate tools or strategies.

Why diamonds? Excellent question.

Because diamonds are very valuable and last forever, just as the right or quality prospects in network marketing are also very valuable and lasts forever. And it is important to observe that you don’t need many diamonds to become wealthy. Just as a few diamonds can literarily transform your fortune, so also a few quality prospect can transform your network marketing business.

The logical question, then, is who are network marketing diamonds and how do we find them? Excellent question.

Well, in network marketing, diamonds are individuals who have a BIG why or purpose. They are merely waiting for you to discover them. How then do you identify them? Excellent question.

You can identify or discover them by searching for the following characteristics:

* they are open to coaching and flexible

* they are willing to schedule time for their business.

* they are very positive individuals

* they are upbeat individuals

* they are grateful to have found the right business.

How To Find Network Marketing Diamonds.

Whether you are prospecting your warm, could, or hot market, you need to adopt time tested strategies or tools. This is the only way to effective prospecting in network marketing.

Rather than shouting your business opportunity from the roof top to just anyone (unfortunately, that is what uplines teach), you should adopt these easy and simple strategies.

The process of prospecting should at all times begin by initiating a conversation. And to begin the process of initiating a conversation requires knowing what to say and how to say it. And saying the wrong things is the easiest way to send your prospects away.

This is what Big Al Schreiter calls “ice breakers.” The objective at this stage is to establish a relationship with the prospect.

You must not at this stage pitch your business opportunity.

I guess you must be wondering what you should say? Good.

The following acronym provides a solid basis for the “ice breaker.”: F.O.R.M.





Because all humans share these features of life in common, your discussion should be focused on them. Therefore ask your prospects questions about their family, occupation, and money. As you do, listen intently, areas that are causing stress to them will definitely become evident.

Are you beginning to get the picture? Are you also wondering why these series of question? Because you have a destination where you want to lead your prospect to. Because your goal is to make the prospects sell themselves by revealing their WHY. And by adopting the interview approach, you have the opportunity to achieve that.

Now, let me ask you this question. Have you ever gone for a job interview? What were your experience and observations?

Certainly you would have observed that in most cases, the employer is not selling the employee on taking the job. On the contrary, what happens is that the employee is selling himself on why he should be chosen or recruited over other qualified candidates.

Similarly, as you ask these questions you are making the prospects to sell themselves on why you should help them and not the other way round.

Now, let us look at one area, occupation. It may well be that the possibility of a lay-off may be looming large. Your prospect does not have any savings, or extra money for investments, salary not enough, etc.

As you listen, make notes of these areas, where you have two or three stress areas write them down. This is the most appropriate time to present the concept of your business with a question like: You have several areas that seem to be causing stress, like not having enough time to be with your family, not enough savings for the future.

And I am just wondering if you would be open to possible solution?

If the prospect responds favourably, then present the information about your business and how it will be a solution to his stress.

If the prospect is not excited about joining your business, then move on to the next.

This logically brings us to the issue of posturing.

Business Posturing.

One of the amazing and easy ways to effective prospecting in network marketing is your posturing. Adopting the proper attitude and posturing contribute significantly to your network marketing success.

To achieve that you must realize that you don’t sell. On the contrary, you merely offer the opportunity to someone and the person will either accept or reject it. The choice is entirely his.

Therefore, the proper mindset that a successful network business owner should have is that they are looking for a board member for their business. Consequently, only the best qualifies.

You want someone who is going to be fit and have similar interest. You don’t sell them to become your board member.

Similarly, share the opportunity. If your prospects accept it great, if they don’t, good. They have to want it themselves, you just provide the opportunity. If you convince them against their will they still remain unconvinced. Let them convince and sell themselves.

When you offer an opportunity and don’t sell it, you have what Ken Cloutier calls business posture. Business posture, according to him, simply means a mindset or air of confidence that shows you don’t need just any person that comes your way.

And interestingly, when you have this business posture, you will attract more people to you. They will take you very serious. Why?

Because generally speaking, people tend to desire what they cannot have. This is what Dan Kennedy calls “denied access increases desire.” Therefore, don’t hesitate to walk away from the deal if you don’t feel like the person would be a good fit for your business.

The truth is if you have the right business attitude and posture, the person you offer the opportunity should understand and know that you will be successful whether or not he joins your business opportunity.

Become Emotionally Detached From the Outcome of Your Presentation To Your Prospect.

Whatever the outcome of your prospecting is, don’t ever get emotionally attached. Rather, concentrate your effort on understanding and educating your prospects.

Don’t be pushy, don’t hype, endeavouring to get a new customer by all means. John Engle says that “our job is to act like consultants offering suggestions on how people can live a better life.”

If you focus on understanding and education, you will have fun and your prospects will enjoy the experience.

Look For Sharp And Entrepreneurial Minded People.

This is another easy and amazing way to effectively prospect in network marketing business. Yes, look for sharp and entrepreneurial minded people.

Granted you don’t want to prejudge anyone, but the truth is that this business is not a fit for all. Therefore, people who have employee mentality and comfortable in their comfort zone need not apply.

Also, look for people who are happy, confident and success minded. Those who are friendly, who dress well, if you are prospecting offline, are better suited for network marketing business.

You can also prospect Estate agents, business people, sales people, particularly those interested in multiple streams of income. These are great prospects.


Focus On People In Your Target Niche.

This is also very simple but most network marketers tend to overlook it. You must focus on people in your target market.

This is very crucial for effective prospecting in network marketing. In fact, whatever niche you are, look for such people. The objective is to spend time where people in your target market are most likely to hang out. Is it Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc., go search for them.

So there you have it all laid out. Prospecting in network marketing can be strenuous, time consuming, but like prospecting for diamonds can be difficult and strenuous but can become easier with the deployment of appropriate tools, so also prospecting for network marketing diamonds can become amazingly easy with the deployment of appropriate tools or skill sets.

We discussed how to identify network marketing diamonds, how to initiate a discussion by knowing what to say and how to say it, having the right business posturing, offering the opportunity and giving prospects the opportunity to sell themselves.

If you apply these strategies your business will definitely experience real transformation.

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What is passive income, can you enlighten me on this passive income thing?

That was the exact question posed by a reader of my entrepreneurial journey Facebook post.

Because my readers are the reason for the existence of my blog posts, their wish should be the determining factor for what I write,I am dedicating this blog post to answer my readers question in deference to their wish.

So, what then, is passive income?

There are various definitions of passive income. Let us take a look at a few of them.

In recent times, passive income has been a relatively loosely used term. It is defined as money earned regularly with little or no effort on the part of the person who is receiving it.

It is also defined as earnings an individual derives from rental property, any enterprise in which he or she is not materially involved, dividends and interest are also considered passive income.

It is also a term used by proponents of work from home and be your own boss professional lifestyle.

This last definition is the focus of this blog post. It is for those who are interested in working from home with the objective of becoming their own boss.

But most importantly, it is also for smart and discerning workers who have the intention of putting their extra time and possibly weekends to good usage. The earnings thus derived could be reinvested. This requires proper management of time and planning.

So what in essence is passive income? But before we can adequately answer that question, let us determine what it is not.

Passive income is not related to a get rich quick scheme. This is what one successful passive income earner Steve Pavlina calls a moocher income.

According to Steve, a moocher income is when people resort to earn money when they fall prey to a get rich mindset.

What does this mindset mean? It means an undisciplined attitude that seeks to get something for nothing. The objective is to find a way to mooch money from people without providing any meaningful value.

It is certainly not a pyramid scheme. By this I mean where people are merely recruited into a scheme and paid some form of money without the sale of any product or services.

Nor is it a fantastic and bogus investment scheme that promises unimaginable yields.

Passive income, therefore, requires the investment of massive ton of work upfront. Thereafter, you can sit back and begin to enjoy the dividend of your efforts. It can also be automated.

Let us assume that you are a very good writer. You have decided to write a book on how to attract the most suitable spouse based on your 50 years of experience as a successful husband.

No doubt, this requires investment of time and effort. Possibly three months of sleepless nights. With the writing and publishing of the book completed, you can hope to expect good sales and money from royalty would be hitting your bank account on a regular basis.

You may also be interested in building a rental property. This would also require making a lot of sacrifices in terms of saving part of your income over a period of years. It is only after the building is completed and ready for tenants can you begin to dream of enjoying the fruit of your labour.

Can you begin to see the picture very clearly?

This is what passive income means.

However, the reality for most workers is that the ability to save has been reduced, thanks to the economy.

In my next blog post, I shall advance compelling reasons why every discerning and smart worker should begin a home-based business.

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How to prospect on Facebook

How to prospect on Facebook

How to prospect on Facebook is obviously a form of cold market prospecting. In reality, Facebook prospecting is not different from offline prospecting. Facebook prospecting is even better and easier than most of us imagine. Surprised? Keep reading.

From personal experience, I believe the basic challenge with Facebook prospecting is actually a problem of the human mind. It is basically fear of the unknown. It is also our inability to approach total strangers online coupled with the fear of rejection.

However, this fear need not be. If only we knew and adopt the right strategies, prospecting total strangers on Facebook becomes very easy and exciting. The focus of this blog post is to help you break the ice and conduct a hitch free Facebook prospecting exercise.


Because of the volume and quality of information available on Facebook, it is very easy to find prospects. The details on Facebook enables you to find the right people to reach out, connect with and find out their needs.


You can easily qualify your prospect on Facebook because you can easily find the details of a prospect from his profile and Facebook content. The profile, thus, becomes a goldmine of information. Your ability to determine who to work with becomes enhanced. Also you can easily find their needs, which you can fulfill. These information puts you in total control.


Because network marketing is a relationship business it is not difficult connecting with people on Facebook since it is social media. You can find the right people, connect with them and offer them value. Certainly, Facebook is the right place to meet people of all sorts and background and connect with them.


Armed with the knowledge of your ideal prospect, you are able to offer help, right information, solution and guidance. When you offer value to your prospects, you set yourself apart. And when you connect with them and offer them solutions they have added reason to stick with you as a community. Eventually, your products and services become the tools you use to help and offer them solutions.

How then should you begin with Facebook prospecting? Good question.

First off, go to Facebook groups relevant to your niche or business. For instance, if you are in network marketing niche, go to such groups on Facebook. After that, search for active members and try to make a connection with them.

Secondly, do the following:

(1.) Go to member’s profile. Identify active members. Find

information about them.

(2.) Comment on their posts.

(3.) Like their posts.

(4.) Follow them.

(5.) Send private messages to them. Talk about their business.

While you are at it, there are certain things you are not expected to do:

(1.) Don’t send mass messages, this can be regarded as spam

(2.) Don’t pitch on status update.

(3.) Don’t post sales links or your company’s links on their

profile wall.

Your basic objective at this stage is basically to establish a relationship with these individuals. You don’t pitch them. As you comment on their posts or follow them, gradually they will begin to notice you. And as you do these things you are in the process of building rapport.

However, be ready to be pitched as well. Don’t ever imagine you are the only person online prospecting. It is a free world, just as you are prospecting others are doing exactly the same thing.

Finally, don’t imagine that Facebook prospecting is fast and easy. The reality is if you are not willing to be patient, you may need to seek other alternatives. Consequently, in order to get result, you must not only be patient but consistent and committed. The truth is Facebook prospecting is a marathon race not a sprint.

So that’s it. There you have it. Prospecting on Facebook is not as intimidating as some of us think. In reality, it is actually easy if we knew and adopt the right strategies. Follow these strategies and give your business a boost.

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network marketing professional

network marketing professional

Becoming a network marketer can be a great way to earn passive income or build a business while still holding down a paid job and gradually fire your boss.

Therefore, that network marketing is a good business model is not in doubt. It is also true that there are practically no restrictions in the entry requirements. Similarly, the start-up cost is very minimal. No doubt, you were also convinced of the enormous inherent and potential opportunities that network marketing offers. For most of us that was one of the prime reasons we got attracted and enrolled in the first place. And I dare say you did very well in your decision. I am also convinced you are properly motivated.

unfortunately, most of us came into this beautiful business model without the benefit of appropriate and adequate training.

But before you dive in, let me walk you through three compelling reasons why you must turn from being an amateur in to becoming a network marketing professional. This is the focus of this blog post.
This only natural and imperative if you must become successful like the rock-stars.

I know you must be wondering what it means to become a network marketing professional?

Very well…

But first let’s determine who is a professional.

According to Wikipedia, a professional is a member of a profession or any person who earns their living from a specified professional activity. It also describes the standards of education and training that prepares members of the profession with the particular knowledge and skills necessary to perform their specific role within that profession.

Therefore from the foregoing, we can conclude that a professional has specialized knowledge and skills. Some examples of known professionals will make this point clear:

(a) Accountants

(b) Lawyers

(c) Doctors

(d) Nurses

(e) Architects

All these professionals are usually expected to undergo series of training and examinations in order to become certified as professionals.

I know there are no legal requirements for network marketers to become professionals, but it is only appropriate and reasonable that new distributors or up-lines in the industry be encouraged to become professionals. This is ultimately to their distinct advantage.

So we are right to say that becoming a professional therefore entails undergoing a rigourious training exercise with a view to acquiring some valuable knowledge and skills. This therefore brings us to our first requirement.


training exercise

A professional on training

Contrary to what most of us were told when we enrolled or introduced into network marketing that the business is not selling, it is indeed selling. It is not selling how then do you move your products and services to your customers? I dare say that network marketing involves selling. And the reality is that selling is, among others, one of the skills you need to master.

Similarly, you also need to learn how to present your products and business opportunity. Essentially, you need to know what to say and how to say it to be able to attract and recruit your prospect. According to Big Al Schreiter, “the only difference between the people that have unlimited prospects in network marketing and those who don’t… is what they say. Knowing the exact words to say is one of the skills everyone needs to introduce your business into any conversation.” Conversely, saying the wrong words will send your prospects scurrying away.

Curiously, that’s what most of us did soon after enrollment. We were merely asked to write down the names of all our friends and family members. And in our naivity, we chased after them saying all the wrong things. That was basically because we lacked formal training on how to prospect using the right strategies.

On the other hand, network marketing professionals utilize effective strategies in inviting people into their network marketing business. No, they don’t just simply invite people or tell them to come to their business presentation. Rather, they know and use the proven techniques that will tremendously increase the number of their down-lines and distributors in just a little time. There is therefore little wonder we almost turned all our friends and family members into enemies. Obviously, there are better ways.

Let’s look at the second skill or knowledge network marketing professionals acquire.


A great teacher

A great teacher

Another relevant skill you must acquire as a network marking professional is the ability to teach. As soon as you become a network marketing professional after you have acquired relevant skills, you must begin to focus your energy in teaching these same set of skills to your team members and your target audience. It thus means that network marketing professionals are great teachers.

To be able to reach and retain the ears and hearts of your target audience, you need first to determine the persona of your target audience. You need to determine not only their pain-points but their challenges and aspirations. In addition, you need to understand the buyer’s journey and proactively answering their questions.

According to Jullian Hilard, Director of branding marketing at Electrolux, “It is a brand’s job to understand the emotional needs of their customers and provide solutions that enhances their lives- not just sell them products.”

These solutions are in the form of values which the network marketing professional provides through teaching. Teaching thus becomes one of the invaluable vehicles through which he attracts and connects the right prospects into his business.

Why, you may ask, do network marketing professionals resort to teaching or educating people? Listen to Michele Linn in “Education helps people feel smart. If you teach people, you empower people. When you help them learn something, you help them feel like the smartest person in the room (or at the very least, competent as compared to their peers) and builds a relationship rather than pitches that help with one moment at a time.

This teaching skill also has a long term benefit on the network marketing professional. The result is that as he is teaching he develops an insatiable appetite and desire for continuous learning. He becomes a sponge, soaking up all forms of information, new ideas, thus expanding his horizon. He thus becomes both a great learner and teacher. He becomes unstoppable, awesome.

And finally but not the least the final skill.


In one of the great books I read some years ago, cannot remember the author, he says: “Sitting down and wishing makes no man great, the good Lord will send the fishes but you must dig the bait.”

Also, recently, I read a quote attributed to an American author, Seth Godin that says: “You don’t win an Olympic gold medal with a few weeks of intensive training. There is no such thing as an overnight opera sensation.” Every good company, every great brand and every great career has been built exactly the same way: bit by bit, step by step, little by little.

What that means is that in every human endeavour, every successful venture must be preceded by hard work. Not only that but by commitment coupled with consistency, gradually, step by step, doing the right things.

But before the network marketing professional commits himself to this business model he must have a clearly defined goal. No. This goal must not be vague but very clear. You must therefore focus on your end result, your goal.

This goal thus serves as a guide, a road map. Thus you are focused and committed. You are also proactive and consistent in all you do. You are willing to do all the things that will move your business towards the next level on a regular and consistent basis. This becomes a passion and you are consumed by it. Yes, he knows there is a difference between being busy and being productive. He is simply super productive.

Because the network marketing professional has visualized a clear picture of not just where he wants to be but also what he wants to be, he sees only the end result. Consequently, at all times he is taking consistent actions, convinced he would get there. Therefore, nothing can stand in his way.

Therefore to be able to realize this laudable objective, the network marketing professional takes vigorous action. He doesn’t entertain any form of excuse. He doesn’t procrastinate. He has no iota of doubt. He has a singleness of purpose and unflagging determination to succeed against all odds.

The network marketing professional attitude can thus be contrasted with that of the amateur who chickens out after a few unsuccessful efforts. This is what eventually sets the professional apart from the amateurs. The professional takes one step after another consistently. He doesn’t abandon his business and team members midstream. He is like an army general who never abandons his men at the battle field. Always leading by example, ready to fight to the end in order to ensure victory.

So there you have it. If you want to make it in your network marketing business, take these steps to become a professional:

1.You must learn and obtain all the relevant knowledge and skills

2.You must become a great learner and teacher and

3.You must be committed to your clearly defined goal, challenges notwithstanding.

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Jane started a personal blog 5 years ago. When she began, it was more or less a hobby, trying to showcase her hobby to the world.

When she began, friends and family members, including her spouse, did not give a chance nor any form of encouragement. To them, she was merely wasting her time. The result? Today, her blogging has turned into a full time business, taking her across many lands.

Are you still in doubt as to why you should have your own personal blog?

Then read on. First off, starting your personal blog is easy, not as difficult as some do think.

1. Build Your Brand.
With a blog, you have the wonderful opportunity of promoting yourself. It is similar to having a personal channel like CNN and BBC where you broadcast any and all forms of information that catches your fancy without restrictions as long as it is within the ambit of the law.

It offers you the opportunity of becoming an expert in your chosen niche. More importantly, you are able to offer your

setting up your blog

Benefits of setting up your own blog
a man setting up his blog
A man setting up his blog

expertise to your audience. This also opens vast opportunities for you.

You can now be identified online like the big fish on the internet space. This gives you instant recognition. It is a wonderful experience.

2. Multiple Streams of Income.
Having your personal blog gives you the opportunity of establishing and pursuing your goal of having multiple streams of income. The opportunity is limitless but let me list a few of them.

{a} advertisement

{b} coaching

{c} services

{d} affiliate product/marketing

{e} ebooks

{f} your personal products

{g} your mlm company.

3. Build an Asset.

Having your personal blog is like building a house. Just as your house can generate passive income for you, similarly, your blog is an asset, capable of generating passive income for you.

4. Make You a Better Person.

One of the greatest benefit of having your personal blog is that blogging will make you a better person. If you love writing, it will make you a better writer and if you do not like writing, you will fall in love with writing.
You will also improve your writing skills. You will go on to develop yourself in many other areas of life.

5. You Will Be Helping People.

Blogging offers you the opportunity to have your personal voice. Through this, you will begin to spread information and your knowledge. Whatever you teach will definitely resonate with your audience and thus be able to help them to solve their problem. For instance, I write and teach passive income using network marketing as my vehicle. No doubt, there are certainly many people looking for ways and means of making extra income while keeping their day jobs.

The reality is more people want more money. As a result, they want to start their own business. Writing about how to start your personal business through network marketing resonates with many of my audiences and this has helped them start their own business. Nothing can be more satisfying than helping people begin their own personal business with little investment.

6. You Make Money with Blogging.

As visitors begin to visit your blog Google will begin to send you more traffic so also advertisement will be sent to your blog. This means more money for you as you begin to get a slice of the money paid to Google by advertisers. This begins the process of monetisation of your blog.

I recall the first time I heard that word “monetization” from my blogger friend from Australia, Yaro. That was when I realized the vast potential the blogging business has.

However, make no mistake, don’t be deceived, making money through blogging takes time, perseverance and real hard work. It is obviously a long term investment.

The goodnews, however, is that once you gain traction, your income will increase. It begins with a tricle, grows into a small river and gradually into an ocean.

Can you begin to get the picture?


Guess what? Some persons have been known to flip their blogs thousands of dollars; like my friend, Yaro. Infact, many bloggers are basically into blog flipping.

7. Use Your Blog to Stay in Touch.

Your blog offers you the unique opportunity of staying in touch friends, colleagues and family members. They can easily read about your activities, ideas and success.

I recall in 2015 when I got a call from one of my old friends at the university when he read my blog. He wanted to confirm and make sure that it my blog he was reading. I was thrilled, as he appreciated my writing and I was greatly encouraged.

8. Makes You Learn New Things.

Since blogging is all about sharing and teaching what you know, you must first learn in order to teach. With a blog, you are compelled to learn new things, particularly about your chosen niche and even more. This is also what establishes you as an expert.

Personally, I have learnt so much. For example, I have learnt to be:

1. Focused

2. Perseverance

3. Disciplined

4. Self-development.

9. Work Smart.

With a blog, you work smart. Initially, you must invest time, money and other resources to build a community of followers. Thereafter, your blog will begin to work for you 24/7. This is particularly true when you eventually automate your process.

For example, a blog can take time and energy to write but once written can continue provide value to your audience for years.

10. Blogging is a Business.

Blogging is of itself a business. Just imagine Jane mentioned at the outset who began blogging as a hobby, but gradually has grown the blog into a full time business.

If she did it and I am doing it, you too can do it.

11. Generate Lead 24/7.

When you begin to blog and grow your audience and traffic, Google will visit and crawl your pages. You will be listed on Google search engine and others such as Yahoo and Bing. It can be likened to opening a shop everyday of the week, non-stop. It is amazing.

That simply means that you will be exposed in the internet space. This will bring people to visit your blog 24/7. What this means in effect is that these people in turn will become your friends and possibly future partners. And you have every opportunity to promote your business to them. The possibilities are endless and amazing.

So that’s it. You now have 11 amazing benefits why you need a personal blog. So what are you waiting for?

Go get yourself a blog. Need assistance? Give me a call, I am here to help you.

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