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plan bPlan B! Johnson was my account officer at my bank. He is a dashing young man in his early thirties and bubbling with life. He had virtually everything going well for him.

Suddenly, there was a little problem at the bank and he was asked to resign. Almost in tears, he narrated to me the story of his arduous search for a new job.

Then, consider the case of Jessica. When her company asked some employees for voluntary resignation, she promptly complied. Read the rest of this entry

Why You Should Have A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan PageFacebook Fan Page! That Facebook is the social media of choice is not in doubt. The 1.19 billion active users attests to the veracity of that claim.

But how effectively do you put Facebook Fan Page to good use in your business?

It is only stating a fact that a great percentage of people online have Facebook profile. But have you heard of Facebook Fan Page? Do you know there’s a great difference between the two? Do you also know that Facebook Fan Page offers you and your business a lot of advantages and opportunities?
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Does Network Marketing Business Work?

network marketing businessNetwork Marketing Business! I want to believe you are here because you’re either struggling with your network marketing or intending to to begin one. Does network marketing business model work? Great question.

Let us begin with some statistics. According to reports in 2012, network marketing global sales was $167 billion and $178 billion in 2013. Read the rest of this entry