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Do you know that money is with the people? Yes you heard right. Research has proven that money is with the PEOPLE. Shocked?

Then think about this. Look at Mark Zukerbeg of Facebook fame. Now ask yourself, what is making money for him? You guessed right, PEOPLE.

Have you thought about the almighty Google? What do you also think is making money for Google?…PEOPLE

Have you also given thought to what is making money for the banks?

What is making money money for MTN?

What about Coco-cola, Pepsi and a host of other brands you know too well and patronize everyday? What is making money for them?

What is the force behind the expansion of these brands into different countries? You guessed right! Obviously it is the desire to reach and capture the attention and patronage of more PEOPLE and to make more money from the people.

From the foregoing, it is crystal clear that MONEY is certainly with the PEOPLE. We can conveniently say that PEOPLE are the custodians of wealth.

Do you see why network marketing is the business of people and by the people? Little wonder Robert Kiyosaki calls network marketing the business of 21st century.

That is why network marketing is all about sharing vital information on how and what you do to help PEOPLE. Why? you ask. Because the people have the money!

Network marketing is also called relationship marketing. Therefore, if you wish to make it BIG in network marketing be good to PEOPLE today because they are the ones with your money.

This month I am taking 5 STUDENTS to MENTOR and help build a full time income. If you want to be one of the 5, then say “YES” below and I will reach you ASAP.

MY MISSION: To build a farm of servant leaders that will plant the seed for others.

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Do you know that social media is a very versatile tool not only for marketing but also a marketing tool for:

* customer service

* brand building

* Recruiting, e.t.c.

Consequently many businesses both large and small are beginning to realize why they should be on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, e.t.c.

But in order to maximize your presence on social media, you need to crack the code.

In this blog post, I want to share with you 6 strategies I learnt from an awesome webinar I attended with Eric Worre on how to crack the code on social media.

If you are ready, let’s begin.


What is your passion(s)? Is it sports, entrepreneurship, parenting? Whatever it is create contents about your passion. Why? you ask. The objective is to attract like minded individuals.

You can also interview someone about your passion.

You can go to social groups related to your passion and post contents about your passion.

Don’t ever talk about your product or services. Why? Because nobody is interested about your product or services.

In all, your objective is to educate and inspire people.


You want to connect with people basically because you want to establish a relationship, to become friends.

You want to build rapport, build trust with people.Then educate your friends about your passion.

Thereafter, when your friends have come to know, like and trust you they might want to ask you what you do for a living. This is when you will talk about your business.


In all your interaction on social media, be authentic. Be yourself, be your best self. Don’t ever try to copy other people. Remember that you’re perfect the way you are.

Don’t ever talk about:

* Politics

* Sex and sexuality

* Religion

If the benefit of any issue doesn’t outweigh the risks, don’t ever talk about it on your wall or that of your friends.


Managing your time on social media is a real big deal. This is because you can get lost, become distracted.

Therefore, each time you are on social media determine:

* Where you want to spend your time
* How much time you want to spend.

Also, set a goal everyday of the number of people you want to attract.

See how to turn friends to prospects, prospects to customers and finally customers to distributors.

Always be focused. Be honest with yourself. Are you spending time or investing time?

Keep your eyes focused on your social platform.


Whatever you do on social media, don’t ever spam either on your wall or those of your friends.

Don’t brag about your achievements.

Rather, it is best you create curiosity posts:


1. I am blessed working from home

2. I love helping people become entrepreneurs.


Do everything but do not be boring.

* Do something crazy

* Be happy

* Be optimistic.

Be interesting; find something interesting to talk about.

Follow predictable plan of action:

* To learn

* To do.


You can decode the social media and maximize it for your network marketing business.

This month I am taking on 5 STUDENTS to MENTOR and help build a full time income. If you want to be one of the 5, then say “YES” below and I’ll reach you ASAP.

My MISSION: To build a farm of servant leaders that will plant the seed for others.

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Do you desperately wish to recruit top quality prospects into your network marketing business?

I am absolutely sure you are aware that prospecting is the life blood of network marketing. But do you know that recruiting quality prospects holds the key to your ultimate success?

Yes, your network marketing success is dependent on recruiting the right people. If you don’t, you might end up wasting your valuable time and resources.

So, do you want to become successful? I know you do! Therefore, you have only one option. Yes, you guessed right! By attracting the right set of people into your network marketing business. Why?

Well.. because that’s what successful leaders, the go-getters do. And those who will take responsibility for their business, and not whine about how their upline is not supporting them.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most people struggle attracting all the wrong prospects into their network marketing business. These are the ones that:

* complain about everything
* expect you to place people under them
* end up sucking your energy, making you regret ever joining network marketing business.


How then do you attract quality prospect into your network marketing business? Good question.

Very simple. Become a quality person
Develop quality skills
Master leadership skills
Master good communication skills
Become a person of value

Your content says a lot about you. Does your content offer value and solutions to people? The truth is people everywhere are looking for solutions. They want help. Can you be a beacon to them and show up as one through the value you offer in the market place?

Your quality content should be useful education and information that will attract visitors and entice people to link to your site.

On the other hand, if you offer content like:

Our system does everything
No recruiting
No referral, etc.
You will certainly attract crappy and prospects who are looking for nothing but “shinny objects”, not business builders.

Want to recruit quality prospect into your network marketing business? Then go implement these little tips and see your business explode.

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