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In network marketing, there are some myths that might be hampering your business. It is important that you know them because in network marketing business your success to a very large extent is dependent on your leadership skills.

In this blog post, I want to share 3 of such leadership myths with you. They are part of the lessons one of my mentors, Adewale Adebusoye, taught me about leadership.

I will share them with you and tell you my take on each of them.

1. Destination Myth.

Most people feel that they need to be in a particular destination or position before they can lead.

This view is totally wrong. Why? you ask. Because the truth is you can lead from any point and everywhere you are in life. Similarly, you don’t need to wait until you attain any position or reach any destination in your MLM company to become a leader.

2. Influence Myth.

The second one is the influence myth. Some people feel they need to be given a position or hit a particular rank in their MLM company before they can become leaders.

This is also absolutely untrue. Leadership is a question of making conscious effort and deciding to become a leader. And if you do, others will follow. No one can bestow leadership position on you. If you desperately require a leadership position you reach out and grab it. It is as simple as that.


The third and final myth is also called “I don’t have the potential inside me to be a leader.”

Nothing can be farther from the truth. The truth is you have all it takes to become a leader. Why? Because you came packaged from birth with all the necessary ingredients and potentials for leadership position.

And also according to Brian Tracy:

* leaders are made, not born

* leaders are self-made

* leaders are role model.

These are merely myths and totally untrue. The fact is many of us don’t have the right perception of what true leadership is.

Accordingly, the truth is you can lead with your activities, starting where you are in your MLM business.

Let us discuss the 3 ways you can lead.

1. Leading Up.

(a) You lead yourself well

(b) Lighten your leader/upline’s load

(c) Don’t be the team mate who is always complaining and making your
uplines life difficult

2. Leading Across.

(a) Be a friend always. Make it your goal to complementing fellow
MLM leaders above competing with them.

Why is this suggested and encouraged? Because there is a lot of competition against leaders in the industry, particularly so in the same company.

Add value to each other, and share information and avoid competition. You should avoid office politics.

3. Leading Below.

You should see everyone as partner. Don’t see your team mates or downlines as below you. Rather, see them as equals.

And finally, always try to spend time with your mates. And always find out how they are doing and how you can help.

And this is my final thoughts.

The dictionary defines myth as a thing or person that is imaginary or not true.

These three leadership myths we have discussed are therefore the figment of your imagination. And they are totally untrue and unfounded. They have no basis in reality.

What about you? Are you affected by these leadership myths?

Now that you know that such stories are not true, go and become a leader. The world is waiting eagerly for you.

So, there you have it. I hope you got value from this blog post. If you did, please share with your team and your social media. There is absolute love in sharing.


Toritseju Kebi

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