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Attraction Marketing – How It Can Explode Your MLM Business

attraction marketingIt’s time for attraction marketing! Rather than concentrating your efforts, resources and time chasing friends, relatives and colleagues, why not direct your efforts on a better strategy and see your business explode? Which strategy? you ask.

Attraction marketing, of course!

What, then, is attraction marketing?
Attraction marketing is a strategy that is planned with many steps in a series of events.

It is a process of turning total strangers into friends, and friends into customers and then into loyal customers that continues to do business with you over and over and gladly refer others to you.

It is noteworthy that attraction marketing as a concept can be used by:
(a) entrepreneurs
(b) online marketers
(c) home-based business
(d) network marketers

The Strategy

Attraction marketing leverages the value of teaching and the scale of the internet.

Teaching is often referred to as educational marketing. As an attraction marketer, you begin the process of attracting the right customers by undertaking a detailed research. The objective is to have a thorough understanding of your ideal customer.

The Ideal Customers Personas
You begin the process of attraction marketing by seeking to understand the complete ideal of what your customers are really like, inside and outside.

Personas includes knowing the goals, challenges, pain-points, common objections to products and services as well as demographic information shared by all members of that particular customer type.

Armed with your understanding of your ideal customers needs, wants and pains, you begin the process of attracting him
(a) offering free advice.
By offering your ideal customers free advice, you become a trusted advisor. And this is one of the reasons attraction marketing works.

This is because you are starting your marketing with the customers need in mind. But beyond that you are not only thinking of their problems but you are at the same time offering solutions to their problems.
You are also answering the questions agitating their minds before they even get to know you or choose to do business with you. You are giving solutions to their issues.

(b) start teaching.
Why should you start teaching?
Because teaching establishes you as an expert in your niche. Most importantly, through teaching you demonstrate your credentials in practical terms without your having to flaunt them, which many people don’t like any way. And this also helps build trust and relationships with the exact the people that needs your help.

Since you have valuable information to share, do so freely. Why?
Because ultimately, teaching for free is an investment in your business which will pay you handsomely later.

The internet has greatly simplified the work of the attraction marketer. Attraction marketing was actually practiced offline.

But with the advent of the internet it has proven to be the greatest tool in the arsenal of attraction marketers. Rather than concentrating your marketing efforts in just your geographical area the entire globe becomes your marketing zone.

We can categorize attraction marketing into 3 main parts:

(a) prospects can find your website/blog
(b) they enter their name/ email in your
lead capture page
(c) you include them in your email list, thus
giving you permission to continuously
offer them free information.

In order to brand yourself, you need a professional blog.

Why brand yourself?
Because people don’t join business they follow leaders and experts. Your blog helps to position you as a leader.

But what is branding?
Simply, branding is the art and science of creating a recognized and singular image for a company or group of products.

However, personal branding is a crucial element of attraction marketing. This is because it gives potential customers a reason to seek out more information about your business opportunities.

Rather than actively soliciting new entrepreneurs for a business opportunity, attraction marketing seeks to attract potential customers and business owners to seek to seek out a well defined brand.

Branding, therefore, is your personal promise. Therefore, as a brand you must deliver all the time. That brings about customers loyalty.

As a successful brand you must have repeat sales or visit to your blog for valuable information, valuable content.

Your branding ultimately positions you as a trusted leader. Remember, person don’t join business, they join people, YOU.

You drive traffic to your blog by introducing your ideal customer with the offer of solution to his problem. You must always remember that your customers single concern is how to solve his problem.

Traffic is a way him free and valuable information in order to solve his problem. Always remember you’re an expert guide and advisor in his business journey.

You follow up with your ideal customer by continuing the process of offering (him) solutions to his problems.

Consistency is the watchword. So be consistent. Once you are able to solve a problem or two, you’ll have built trust and he will always look up to for more solutions.

Therefore, you must be ahead of your ideal customer by engaging yourself in continuous education. That way, you become a leader who is sought after. Yes, you become the HUNTED rather than the HUNTER.

Attraction Marketing – Building A Sales Funnel

A sales funnel helps you in the process of building trust with your ideal customer. It’s one of the keys to creating a high converting sales funnel. It helps to make prospects to:

(a) know
(b) like
(c) trust

Because you are offering free valuable information to your prospect a form of permission marketing, he gives you his name and email in return.

This creates some measure of commitment towards the process of building trust in the relationship.
If you have an effective sales funnel with an autoresponder, you can continue to attract prospects to you continually by dripping valuable information to him.

Getting Social.
Social media is part of the internet technology. Social media therefore constitutes part of the tools used in building online relationship. Thus social media creates a personal channel for you.

It is entirely under your control, you’re entirely responsible for its contents. Since you already know the needs, wants and pains of your ideal prospects, you align your contents to his problems.

So continue to give valuable and quality contents. This helps to build relationship. In effect, your prospects are attracted naturally and more receptive to you.

The Benefits of Internet Technology.
The integration of internet technology to attraction marketing has resulted in phenomenal impact to attraction marketing.
(a) Automation.
The process of attracting or recruiting prospects becomes automated. This removes the process of hunting down prospects. As prospects finds your contents and likes it, he gets attracted to you.

(b) Global Team.
You build a global team. The internet offers you the advantage of offering free and valuable information to a global audience/market. The entire globe becomes your marketing zone.

(c) You Don’t Sell. All you need to do is continuously share your valuable information on the internet. Just know where your ideal customers hang out on the internet:
Facebook,LinkedIn, Twitter and connect with them. Join in their conversation.

(d) No Cold Calling. You no longer have to bother your friends and relatives who may not be interested in your business opportunity.

(e) You Work From Home. You have the complete freedom of working from the comfort of your home.
No commuting time. You can prospect entirely online.

(f) You Attract Qualified Leads.
Because your focus is on your ideal customers needs, you begin by identifying those needs. It is only those experiencing such pains that are attracted to you naturally. They are well qualified and
thus become trusted friends. They come begging to become your business partners. This is quite interesting.

In conclusion, attraction marketing works because you position yourself as an expert by offering free advice and teaching. You leverage the power of the internet to generate leads, branding yourself through blogging. 


Toritseju Kebi

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