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network marketing businessNetwork Marketing Business! I want to believe you are here because you’re either struggling with your network marketing or intending to to begin one. Does network marketing business model work? Great question.

Let us begin with some statistics. According to reports in 2012, network marketing global sales was $167 billion and $178 billion in 2013. Read the rest of this entry

network marketingNetwork Marketing – Robert Kiyosaki calls it the business of the 21st Century while Paul Zane Pilzer says it’s about changing people’s lives from whatever position they are in life to something better.

So, what then, is network marketing?
I want to state that network marketing, mlm and multi-level marketing will be used interchangeably in this blog post.

Why? you ask.

This is because they basically mean the same thing. However, I hasten to say network marketing conjures up different emotions to different people. Read the rest of this entry