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Does Network Marketing Business Work?

network marketing businessNetwork Marketing Business! I want to believe you are here because you’re either struggling with your network marketing or intending to to begin one. Does network marketing business model work? Great question.

Let us begin with some statistics. According to reports in 2012, network marketing global sales was $167 billion and $178 billion in 2013.

Interestingly, roughly $71 billion, which is 40 percent of the $178 billion was paid directly to distributors. That’s $6 billion every month, or $200 million a day. Now, it is instructive that these payments were made to real network marketers. No network marketing company is engaged in charity work, remember?

Still in doubt?

Now let me introduce you to some network marketing superstars, Ray Higdon, Eric Worre. These are superstars in the industry setting the pace on a daily basis in every aspects of network marketing business.

Some insinuate that network marketing business is a scam. What must be noted is that network marketing business, like every other business, has its fair share of bad apples.

Consequently, it would be inaccurate to assume, based on an individual’s personal experience or the attitude of a network marketing company, that the industry is a scam. That, in my candid opinion, would amount to over-generalization. So while it
Is true there could be scams, as a whole, network marketing is a solid business model based on “word of mouth” marketing and legally recognized worldwide.

The problem, I believe, has more to do with the mindset of individuals. Wondering what mindset got to do with network marketing success? Everything!

Your success in network marketing, as in all aspects of life, depends on your mindset or attitude.

This reminds me of the story once told about a famous sage. He had been adjudged the wisest man in the village, who had never failed to deliver on his words. On this particular day a young man challenged him. He said: “I have a bird in my hands. Now could you tell this crowd whether the bird is alive or dead?

The old sage was momentarily taken aback. So he quickly thought to himself. “If I say the bird is alive the young man would squeeze the bird to death and if I say the bird is dead the young man would open his hands and the bird would fly away.

The momentary tension in the crowd was almost palpable. Well, knowing the real intention of the young man was to humiliate him, the sage answered to the astonishment of the crowd: “The answer is in your hands.” Yes, whether the bird is alive or dead is entirely in the hands of the questioner!

So what’s the significance of this story in relation to network marketing business and your mindset?

Whether network marketing business works or not is dependent on your mindset, efforts, actions and inactions. So to be successful as an entrepreneur, especially network marketing company you must have the right mindset. This is because everything you do begins and ends with your mindset.

How, then, do you acquire the proper mindset? Great question.

It is a proven fact that success leaves clues. So in your quest for network marketing success, you should take time to discover the strategies that holds the key to network marketing success. This brings us to the next logical question. Do we have successful network marketers?

Yes we do.

Network Marketing Business Tips – Study Successful People

The truth is most business fail regardless of the industry. We have seen many insurance companies, banks, realtors, bloggers and small business owners fail as many network marketers do. I believe the real key to success is to study the successful people in the industry, look at what they do and copy them. There’s certainly no need to reinvent the wheel.

Relax! I know you’re itching to ask the next logical question: So what do successful network marketers do? Great question!

Right. Let’s take a closer look at some their habits:

Definite Desire.
Successful network marketers usually have a burning desire to begin a business. Do you have a burning desire to begin your own business?

If you decided in favour of network marketing business, you must be convinced from the outset that network marketing business is the right business for you. Now that you have made the right choice, the next logical step would be:

(2) Research.
Don’t make the mistake of jumping in without due diligence. You must devote time and effort to do research then choose wisely. Be convinced you can build a significant income or replace your current career through network marketing. In this regard you should ask the following critical questions:

1 Does this product/service appeal to me?
2. Do I see myself reprr
3. Am I being overly influenced by the need
for extra income or a high pressure pitch
from someone already involved.

Your answers to these questions will determine the company you choose to sign on. This is exactly what I did before joining my company.

(3) Prepare a Detailed Plan
Successful network marketers consider planning a must before taking off. If you fail to plan it means you have planned to fail. Your plan should include the following:
(a) how many hours you intend to invest in
your business each day,week, how many
days each,
(b) how many years to invest to build the
(c) how much money to invest in the
(d) which social media platform to use:
Facebook, Twitter, etc.
And most importantly, you must take those actions that will move you towards the achievement of your goal. If you fail to do them you become a failure.

(4) Treat Your Network Marketing Business as Business.
Those who succeed in network marketing wholeheartedly understand that they have chosen to engage in business and they talk about their network marketing efforts in business terms.

Those who fail in contrast, merely give it a try. The difference is that one is treating his business like a business person and the other is treating his business like a recreational hobby. A hobby is just that.. it usually does not pay monetary,diviends.

(5) Advertisement and Your Network Marketing Business.
You must cultivate the habit of advertising your network marketing business. This is one of the necessary things successful network marketers do.

Doing business either offline or online without doing consistent advertising and marketing is because suicide. It can be likened to a dashing young man winking at a girl in the dark. The young man knows what he is doing, but nobody else does. What this means is that even if you have the best product/service in the world but if enough people aren’t seeing it, you are out of business.

So you advertise because now there are millions and millions of businesses and websites. They are all seeking for the attention of customers.

So if you want your site to be seen you must spend money to market and advertise daily. You also need to to do so consistently, following up and building and cultivating the relationship daily as well. And of course, you must sell daily. Therefore, advertisement is an integral element of network marketing success.

(6) Matchless Commitment
Commitment is the state in instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled, a commitment to a cause. Matchless is having no equal, better than all others .

Successful network marketing business owners have unequal commitment to their chosen company. You were not compelled, you were not sold, rather you sold yourself. Therefore you are highly committed.

For some individuals success will happen very quickly while for others it may take a very long time. Success will be determined by how much time, effort and money you put into your business and how you follow advice from those that joined the business before you. You must also keep in mind that no advice on marketing program ever works unless you do.

If you were employed to work for Coca-Cola, would you be elevated if you don’t put in the required efforts to become successful? Certainly not. So why would you expect to excel in your network marketing business if you don’t do those things that will make you successful?

(7) Follow the Process.
You must realize that business is a cultivating process. Starting the business is merely the foundation. You have to complete the process to see productivity.

For instance, no serious farmer who begins the process of preparing land for planting and abandoned doing the necessary things would ever expect to reap a bumper harvest.

What you put in you reap or you reap what you sow. Successful network marketers follow the process and stick around to the end.

Conclusively, we can say without contradiction that the industry is good and respectful. Real people are making it to the top every day and reaping the financial benefits.

The truth is it may not be for everyone. But you must realize that there is a lot of money to be made in the industry if only you are willing to work hard and surmount all obstacles and stick around.

Never quit. Why? Because quitters never win and winners never quit.

Wouldn’t you rather work with me?

Got questions, then, get in touch with me. 


Toritseju Kebi

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