So you desire to recruit skeptical prospects to join your network marketing business?  Then, you are in the right place.



  1. Posture.  This is where you begin.  You will need to work on your posture.  Well posture has been around.  But what really is posture?   Listen to Ray Higdon’s definition.

The belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval.  This means that you believe in what you have regardless of what people around you are saying or thinking or telling you it’s about.


That should be the number one mode of operation, your mental attitude.  You completely believe in what you are doing regardless of  what external people tell you and regardless of what their opinion is.







2. Talk to more People. Instead of fighting against many years of programming that told you to stick to your guns and and avoid anything that falls outside of that, instead talk to more people.


Experience has shown that lots of  people that were skeptical or cynical about network marketing that saw great network marketers doing what they love doing.  These people had a lot of people that were, “Ah, you’re doing one of these things.  Oh my goodness, how long are you going to be on that one?”



What would you do if you were to hear those kind of comments?


Well, it would be worth your while to focus and look for who is open.


Don’t ever bother to struggle or work hard to get someone to believe in network marketing





Instead just say, “Hey, this is what I am doing if you are open to it great.  If not, no big deal.



Then, go ahead and do it over and over and over and create results.


And then a lot of times you will see these same skeptical people would say, “Hey, you mentioned something to me  a long time ago, and I just you won a car” or “I saw that you took a cruise,” etc.  How are you doing that?


Your response should be simply, “Well remember that thing I told you about, you weren’t sure about which is totally fine?  Well yeah, I have just been doing that.  It’s been building me an extra income stream, so it’s pretty cool.



So now you know how to recruit skeptical prospects to join your network marketing business by your posture and talking to more people who are open.  Go on getting results to spur the skeptics to take a look at your business.



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Toritseju Kebi

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