Do you know that money is with the people? Yes you heard right. Research has proven that money is with the PEOPLE. Shocked?

Then think about this. Look at Mark Zukerbeg of Facebook fame. Now ask yourself, what is making money for him? You guessed right, PEOPLE.

Have you thought about the almighty Google? What do you also think is making money for Google?…PEOPLE

Have you also given thought to what is making money for the banks?

What is making money money for MTN?

What about Coco-cola, Pepsi and a host of other brands you know too well and patronize everyday? What is making money for them?

What is the force behind the expansion of these brands into different countries? You guessed right! Obviously it is the desire to reach and capture the attention and patronage of more PEOPLE and to make more money from the people.

From the foregoing, it is crystal clear that MONEY is certainly with the PEOPLE. We can conveniently say that PEOPLE are the custodians of wealth.

Do you see why network marketing is the business of people and by the people? Little wonder Robert Kiyosaki calls network marketing the business of 21st century.

That is why network marketing is all about sharing vital information on how and what you do to help PEOPLE. Why? you ask. Because the people have the money!

Network marketing is also called relationship marketing. Therefore, if you wish to make it BIG in network marketing be good to PEOPLE today because they are the ones with your money.

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MY MISSION: To build a farm of servant leaders that will plant the seed for others.

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Toritseju Kebi

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Toritse Kebi

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