Network Marketing

What Is Network Marketing?

network marketingNetwork Marketing – Robert Kiyosaki calls it the business of the 21st Century while Paul Zane Pilzer says it’s about changing people’s lives from whatever position they are in life to something better.

So, what then, is network marketing?
I want to state that network marketing, mlm and multi-level marketing will be used interchangeably in this blog post.

Why? you ask.

This is because they basically mean the same thing. However, I hasten to say network marketing conjures up different emotions to different people.

According to Wikipedia, network marketing is a way of doing business in which a sales force earns a commission not only for sales of products and services they personally generate but also for the sales of others they recruit and bring into the business which creates a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple leveraged levels of compensation.

Interestingly, network marketing has attracted the attention of many bluechip or 500 fortune companies including Coca-Cola, Avon, Gillette, AT&T and a host of others.

Why the attraction?
Because of what these companies stand to gain. Rather than spend millions of dollars in advertising budgets in newspapers, magazines, television and trade journals, these independent sales force take on the responsibility of advertising by word of mouth campaigns.

Happy and satisfied customers spread the news and before you know it more people are thus recruited.

Characteristics of Network Marketing

You determine the people you work with.
You work from home or anywhere in the world.
You determine your working hours.
You leverage people’s efforts.

Unlike a corporate organizations where the human resource department is responsible for the recruitment of staff, you will be personally responsible for the recruitment, sponsoring and training of distributors in your organization.
Interestingly, with time it starts to take a life of its own.

These first people begin to recruit others, until it spreads to other parts of the country and even to other countries.
Now imagine what happens if you persist, which you should, your organization consists of hundreds, even thousands of people all over the world.

These people will be buying products – people whom you have never met. But people who nonetheless are helping to build for you a nice residual income of hundreds even thousands of dollars each month.
It is truly amazing.

Since you are working from the comfort of your home, you have no commute time, nor traffic stress.

Your working time and hours are entirely dependent on you and your ability. This also to a large extent, determines your pay check. It follows that since you alone determines your input, the more effort you put into
your business, the more you pave the way to literally financial freedom. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Leverage. You can practically leverage on the efforts of hundreds or thousands of other people in your organization both in terms of hours and sales volume. It is at this stage you will begin to appreciate the power of the words of Andrew Carnegie who said: “I would rather have one percent Of a hundred people’s efforts Than 100 percent of my own.”
And David George, M.D. who expressed similarly: “Poverty is when large efforts produce small results “Wealth is when small efforts produce large results.” Now imagine what happens when you work for someone else. Your future and that of your family is in their hands. And what is more painful your efforts are never duly appreciated, financial reward is peanut.

Now imagine working for yourself as a network marketer! The beauty of network marketing is that it offers you limitless possibilities to reach your dreams beyond your wildest imagination.

Certainly, it is the smart way to work.

Do you also realize that it is the only an ordinary person like you and I get paid like rock stars?

Network marketing also gives you the opportunity to prepare for the rainy day; an alternative to the pension scheme.

According to Michael Dlouhy, an accomplished network marketer, “it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” But when the flood came he was ready. You too can be ready, financially.

Still wondering: can I get involved in network marketing?

Certainly. In reality, it is a business concept most of us have been practicing over time unconsciously.

Let us imagine that the stylish dress you are putting on now was designed by Mr Impressions. Your friend, John loves and desires to have the same dress made for him. You introduce him to Mr Impressions the designer and you get ten percent of the cost. And for every person introduced by John you get paid as well.

Obviously small efforts that will eventually lead to large results.

Interesting, you’ll agree. Can you begin to see the potential of network marketing? But remember you must work in order to accomplish your desired goal.
Network Marketing is not a get-rich quick scheme. If that’s your intention, you’re wearing the wrong pant, as James Hardly would say. 


Toritseju Kebi

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