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Why You Should Have A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan PageFacebook Fan Page! That Facebook is the social media of choice is not in doubt. The 1.19 billion active users attests to the veracity of that claim.

But how effectively do you put Facebook Fan Page to good use in your business?

It is only stating a fact that a great percentage of people online have Facebook profile. But have you heard of Facebook Fan Page? Do you know there’s a great difference between the two? Do you also know that Facebook Fan Page offers you and your business a lot of advantages and opportunities?

Well, these questions form the basis for this blog post. Are you ready? Then let’s take a ride.

What is Facebook Fan Page? Great question. Well, make no mistake about this. There’s a great difference between Facebook personal profile and Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook Fan Page, unlike a personal profile, is a page exclusively designed and dedicated for business purposes. It could be created and used by:
(a) large corporations
(b) small business owners
(c) bloggers
(d) entrepreneurs
(e) freelancers
While Facebook personal profile looks amateurish, Facebook Fan Page, on the other hand, projects an image of professionalism. This is why you should separate the two pages .

The Need To Separate Personal Profile From Business Page.
There are compelling reasons to separate your personal profile from Facebook Fan Page.

It is instructive that the public profile or business page enables you to share your products and services with Facebook users. This is certainly not possible with your personal profile.

Now, let’s take a critical look at some definite advantages of Fan Page over personal profile.

Facebook Fan Page Benefits

(1) Unlimited Number Of Fans
Unlike the personal profile where you are restricted to 5000 friends, here you have unlimited access. You can have as many fans as you can possibly manage. And the most interesting aspect is it is entirely free.

(2) Feedback Insight
It gives you access to feedback from your target audience. It enables you to track the amount of views a post receives and at the same time you’re able to monitor your weekly reach from the Facebook insights. You can also update your fans with statuses that appear in the news feed. These have distinct advantages:

(1) you will know how to maximize each post
(2) you will learn which post works best for
your brand
(3) helps you to deliver the appropriate
content to your fans
(4) your audience can ask questions which
can generate several responses and
and ideas for great blog posts.

(3) Facebook Contest
You can successfully host contest on fanpage. This is not possible in personal profile. The distinct advantage of contest is that it builds engagement with your audience. This is great as it builds friendship.

(4) Advertising
You can advertise on your fan page. And it is relatively inexpensive. And interestingly, it has great advantage as it is highly targeted. It is also more effective because Facebook keeps its traffic within the network. You can promote Facebook Fan Page through advertisements. You don’t have this privilege on Facebook personal profile .

(5) A Link To Your Website
You can link your Facebook Fan Page directly to your blog/website. This is great. You can imagine how huge the potential benefit is if properly harnessed. Your ability to redirect a small amount of Facebook huge amount of daily traffic to your website/blog could significantly improve the amount of qualified traffic on your site and explode your business.

(6) Addition Of Unlimited Photos And Videos
Facebook Fan Page offers you the added advantage of adding unlimited number of photos and videos. This can also contribute significantly to bringing your products/ services to the attention of your target audience.

(7) Boots SEO
According to Alexa Facebook is the second most popular site on the web. Your activities on your Facebook Fan Page is indexed. What this means in real terms is that your public content is also indexed. This is great because it helps to show your content on search engines. This boosts your rankings.

(8) Serves As Another Outpost To Your Business On The Web.
A Facebook Fan Page provides your business and brand with another branding outpost on the web. Here, your prospects, customers, vendors, future employees and even the media can come to it to find valuable information about your company and the products and services you offer.

(9) Gather More Leads.
Facebook Fan Page offers you the opportunity to gather more leads to your business. This is not available on your personal profile.

(10) You Don’t Need To Login to Facebook to View A Business.
And lastly but not the least, Facebook Fan Page doesn’t require people to log into Facebook to view a business or brands Fan Page. This is great because it gives more people access to the information you post.

So what are you waiting for, why not take advantage of this valuable information to bring your business and brand before more people and see your business explode.

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