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Why You Should Have A Plan B – Read The Ugly Experiences

plan bPlan B! Johnson was my account officer at my bank. He is a dashing young man in his early thirties and bubbling with life. He had virtually everything going well for him.

Suddenly, there was a little problem at the bank and he was asked to resign. Almost in tears, he narrated to me the story of his arduous search for a new job.

Then, consider the case of Jessica. When her company asked some employees for voluntary resignation, she promptly complied. With her severance package, she had no difficulty establishing herself as an entrepreneur and becoming her own boss.

Why was Jessica able to switch so quickly from the life of an employee to that of an entrepreneur?

You guessed right!

She had a Plan B.

That brings us naturallyto the subject of this blog post. Why you should have a plan B. What is a plan B, and what are the compelling reasons you should have one?

We live you in an uncertain world. The Nigerian economy is in crisis. Make no mistake about it. No, this crisis is not limited to our economy, rather, it is a global phenomenon.

Well, I can imagine what you might be thinking right now. You probably would be saying and what has that got to do with me? Well, a lot! What this means in real terms is that your job is in trouble, that is, assuming you still have one. If you do, then, accept my congratulations.

Are you still with me? Very well. Continue reading. The purpose of this blog post is basically to help you take absolute control of your life and your future and those of your love ones. Why?

Because I make bold to say so because times have changed greatly. Unfortunately, neither the government nor any corporate organization can help you.

Before the advent of the 21st Century, going to school and getting a good grade and thereafter getting a good job was considered a brilliant idea, the course of wisdom. This was because getting a good job- a tenured job for 35-40 years ensured that you retired on a pension scheme. And the pension scheme ensured you lived the rest of your life in blissful conditions.

The emphasis then on employees loyalty. The organization was considered part of the family and thus looked after the welfare of its employees. That was then. How dramatic times have changed.

The bad news is that the pension scheme is no longer fashionable. For example in Nigeria, the federal government in 2004 began the process of divesting itself from the pension scheme. This was the result of several years of government inability to fulfill its financial obligations to its teeming retirees.

The current trend is contributory pension scheme. However, it must be noted that the contributory pension scheme has no guarantee.

This means that there is no longer job security anywhere as it was in the past. The global economy is in trouble. There is economic storm blowing across the globe, leaving the labour market in retrenchment, downsizing, rationalization and restructuring.

Would you want to be caught in this whirlwind? Wouldn’t you rather insulate yourself?

Your options? You must therefore assume complete control of your future. A Plan B is like an alternate route that will help you reach your destination for financial security.

The book of proverbs 22:3 offers this wise counsel. “The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.” So how can you prove yourself prudent?

That’s the lesson I want you to take from this blog post. The compelling reasons why you should without delay have a plan B. In other words, why you should begin your own personal business and gradually become your own boss while still holding down your current day job.

The good news is that today there is a quiet revolution going on. Many employees are beginning to wake up to the current reality. That it is no longer prudent to continue on paid employment. There is therefore the move towards self-employment.

I know you must be wondering what business model I am talking about. One of my greatest and admirable writers, Robert Kiyosaki calls it “The Business of The 21st Century.” Tim Sales, on the other hand, calls it the emerging business. The business model is network marketing.

Did I hear you say you have no money to invest into the business? Did you also say you don’t have the time? Not to worry. Why?

Because this business model is the ideal business (plan B) for those who have a regular job. And the beauty of this business model is that it is easy to begin. Cost of entry is relatively cheap. Best of all it can be done at your spare time, either part time of full time.

All you need is a burning desire to diversify your streams of income and thus insulate yourself from the vagaries of the economy.

Remember, if you don’t start envisioning where you want to be now and make definite plans to be there, when the economic storm blows, you might find yourself tossed over where you never expected to be.

Remember, you either believe in free enterprise or you work perpetually for someone who does.

Lastly, sitting down and wishing makes no man great. The good Lord sends the fishes but you must dig the bait.

So, go get plan B.

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Toritseju Kebi

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